Our Market

Our policy

The company's policy is to provide world class quality yarn at a competitive price to cater to the domestic as well as international markets and also to build and maintain long term relationship with customers by offering good service.

Company believes

The company believes in constant upgrading of technology by replacement if old equipment with modern equipment and adoption of new and scientific management techniques from time to time, which in return increases the productivity and helps in growing the exports. The company believes in maintaining the established high reputation in the industry, customer and among banks and financial institutions. A strong presence has been established by delivering world class quality products, the sound marketing network backed by a team of professionals has further added to the company's performance.

Our excellence

  • entering customer feedback and suggestion
  • regular replacement of old machineries with new ones
  • developing innovative and consumer friendly products on a regular basis
  • our ability to cater to domestic and international markets such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey, Europe etc.
  • Highly renowned clients like Marks & Spencer, GILDAN, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and others


The functions in the company are managed by team of professional members under the advice of the board of directors. Operations are regularly monitored and controlled by the technical team with the supporting services from outside agencies as well as our customers themselves help to have continuous development in line of best to the industry.


When you inherit such a prized heritage, you have to work that much harder to make sure that you leave behind another legacy.

"Inheritance is never an easier option"

At Saiham Group, we believe that evolution is the only constant. It is what makes us completely revolutionize our lines of business, products and more importantly our thoughts. Our growth is defined by being open to break away from our comfort zone and tread on new paths. From spinning to manufacturing garments, we have also diversified into real estate to keep ourselves aligned with our policy of being a dynamic business group.